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Tricia's Be​st Naturals

Love who you are. Love the skin you are in.

Be naturally free!!


Natural and Herbal Body Care Products That Nourish Your Body and Skin Inside and Out!

Loving how good your skin
looks + feels.

Confidently aging: beautifully, gracefully + naturally.

Knowing all products are small batched made with lots of love.

Knowing what you’re putting on 

your skin is safe for you and your family.

Knowing you are supporting a small business!

Getting compliments from 

friends and random strangers 

how your skin is glowing!

Feeling your skin say “Thank You!” every time you use a Tricia's Best product!

Knowing your products were not sitting on a shelf for months or years.

Knowing that you are naturally free of all harmful by products.

What You Get

100% handcrafted products

Freshly made in small batches

Natural Preservatives

High-performance botanicals, herbal oils + pure essential oils

Herbal skin care at it’s best

What You Don't Get

Pre-made lotion mixes

Massive batches made 5 years ago

Toxic parabens (harmful preservative)